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Fri, Aug. 31st, 2007, 05:07 pm

Well well well well well well well well welll well, ok fuck this

SKY WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -.-

Well started with a little merit pt to see how much i was gimp now :P

well the good thing is that i still outdamage a NQ SAM so i'm still happy :D

Now for sky need to say that it was one of our best sky event ever (Drop wise)

we farmed BB zip faust and then it's up to gods

Byakko's Haidate
D.Abjuration: Body
Seiryu's Sword
N.Abjuration: Body
Kirin's Osode
Suzaku's Scythe
E.Abjuration: Head
D.Abjuration: Head
D.Abjuration: Legs
D.Abjuration: Legs

Sorry windower didn'T worked for SS :(

anyway that was for 6 gods (Suzaku,Byakko,Seiryu and kirin)

we also got 2 Scloth and 1 Damascene cloth. so we were fucking happy.

Now We had 4 tanks on wednesday so we tried to straight tank kirin.

so we kited for the lesser gods like normal then Poisonberry and Zizka get's rdy for Straigh tank. Poisonberry goes down at 80% and zizka at 35% when PB died they got Phyrefly in and she died before zizka. SO now i was the only tank alive but the melee had too much hate so they asked me to kite it.

To easy lol anway we did Lesser gods and kirin in about 45min which is awsome.

Thursday Dynamis Bastok

Bastok sucks REALLY MUCH

anyway i think we had enough thf's and DRG lol

Assassin's Vest
Assassin's Vest
Assassin's Vest
Wyrm Brais
Wyrm Brais
Wyrm Brais
Wyrm Brais
Duelist's Gloves
Abyss Sollerets
Abyss Sollerets
Melee Gaiters


Friday? Play Metroid Prime 3 on wii Fish and XP

Satuday same thing and maybe Limbus

Sunday same thing and sea afte

monday OFF but same thing and i heard of a dynamis-Xarcabard run

valor surcoat Can i have it? ^^

meh lol i'm sure it wont drop, gogo bad trust in myself

Wed, Aug. 29th, 2007, 12:02 am
ToA finished :O

Well to start slowly, i am now First Lieutenant in assault, and god the promotion was long and hard. But it was fun :D

now for spoilers, if interest let,s go down

Alexander is down YAY

Our Setup was this


So we enter the fight and kill the blu EASY as shit and the first part of Alexander.

now the real fight begins.

i'll let you watch the fight on my 5!!!!!!!!!!!! video's (because i just suck) at video making lol.

go to hosted.Filefront.com/ratatapa and see Alexander 1-5 video.

we simply did Jailer of Love technique

Anyway after all the CS the present appeared

Still need to find the exact uses of this flag ...

Woot GLORY CROWN only uses for looks now

and my DD Ring

Tue, Aug. 28th, 2007, 08:01 am
Update update ? O.o

anyway lol i did the update like normally and when the game went back on me and friends went to do the missions :P . Yup while other people do grips or XP we were missionning lol.

anyway here's the missions walkthrought (I wont change colors so don't read for spoilers. (i'm not gonna recitate the CS THO)


1) You Start the Missions by going to the Teahouse in Aht Hurgan.
2) Head to Grand dukes palace in Ru'lude Garden
3) Go to the guard door at the left of the stairs in the palace and talk the the elvaan
4) wait 1 game day zone out and in and retalk to the elvaan.
5) Go see the Taru outside the automaton shop in Aht Hurgan for a key item
5) Go to nyzul isle (Take the assault mission for free pass)
6) talk to the lamp in the middle to accept the mission path of darkness and a CS (if you accept that mission you cannot reenter Sentinels until you win it (you'll see inside).
7) when all CS done gather at nyzul runic portal for a BC 6man 30min

Path of Darkness BC

You fight Ahnman The Blue mage and naja fights with you, if naja dies you loose.

When you aggro the blu she will summons 4 Gears type mob. Naja seems to randomly attack gears or the blu.

Anyway when the blu warps and gear are dead follow the path.

Bang the blue is there again, so rest and aggro again BANG 3 more gears (more powerful) so finish the blu and kill the gears. BUT IT'S NOT DONE.

Naja rans off, so follow her t'ill the real NM which is a soulflayer, but naja won't aggro it (thank god)

So rest and when rdy destroy the soulflayrer ftw.

This is the pt we used to win (find the strategy you like the most)


Then head to Naja sentinels for a long CSthen back to Nyzul isle

Once again talk to the Lamp for a CS then gather for BC.

*******************************************************SPOILERS LAST TOA Mission*********************.

You fight another blu mage and the Grand Vizier who is riding Alexander.

Alex dosnt aggro so kill the blu first.

The blu will RR 2 times (so got 3 life) and like to use Eyes of me (700-1k dmg)

so destroy the blu then go kill alexander

Alex is weak so kill it untill 50% then he gives up.


Grand vizier loose control on alexander AND!!

YUP the final ToA mission is against Alexander himself HE IS NOT A PUSHOVER he spams around 200-300 dmg, Holy spells 1 target Terrorize Draw in (if tank goes too far) he can heal himself for 1k HP

and does Astral flow 2 times in the fight.

We sadly didn'T one due to lack of DMG but we will retry tomorrow

so here's a friendly picture of alexander

Mon, Aug. 27th, 2007, 08:12 am

Here an update of the last days since it got boring for me lol.

Thursday Dynamis-Tavnazia, we go t17 people but 3 DCed when we entered and 2 DC later inside.

We didn't even try Diabolos and lost the Time upstairs.

Total drop? 10 NQ coins and 0 AF2 -.-

Friday, i went fishing YES that right fishing, devil manta's

So i head to kuftal and start fishing. 5min after i fish the manta and kill it, YUP got an angel skin on thefirst kill :D 500k to me woot.

But then the RMT showed and the rest, i was still able tofish the manta but no drop. :(

Saturday I fished all day with maera and of course we got no luck, then i went with MAera Jamman and Vedder to Do some quests.

Went to Riverne B01 and did spice gals, then went to do uninviting guest.

Jam and vedd warped due to not restarting quest so me and maera went alone. We wiped at 13% because the damn mammet refused to change job and almost wiped maera. ...


Anyway finished the days with Tenzen fight for 2 ls mate and fishing again

Sunday. FISH LOL but still no angel skin.

I also did 15k XP on PLD (now with 8k till cap O.o wtf)

Then we head up to sea.

Did 8-1 and 8-2 for ls mate.

At the same time ,we did these jailers.
Fortitude,Faith,Temperence, Ix'drg

here is the only worthwhile drop

meh :P

Well tomorrow Update then i don't know missions while ls decide what we do for dynamis

Wed, Aug. 22nd, 2007, 11:26 pm
Wednesday update

Sorry i'm shaking you'll see later why

Ok First of all Sunday monday tuesday got problems so couldn'T take SS sorry

So tonight we went For Gods.

First Was Seiryu who dropped Alegs. To Galivar (wasn't in alliance for drops)

Then went for Genbu, anothr smooth fight and it dropped

KAbuto and Ahead. Sheer got the Kabuto and for Ahead mmm.

Then it's time for Kirin

NO WAY a WLEGS?!!!!!



You guys think i went to sleep?

NIO i had to test something ^^ Sorry but i can'T right anymore

so here's some screenies

so nervous, time to sleep ^^ see ya tomorrow

Sun, Aug. 19th, 2007, 11:19 am
Special Update

Here is a special update for Saturday the 18th :D

Started by Of course Samurai Lving. Make it from 42-44 got pretty happy there even tho the parties really stinks. I got some Good Tanks but the DD'S and the mage wise sucks. Exemple had a pt in the Desert on beetles (43) and i was parsing 45% while the NIN and the DRK had 22 each adn the cor had 5

was pretty depressing but anyway.

After that i went With malkari a ls mate to restard our AF quests.

He helped me did PLD sword (since NM is an earth elemental) and while i did my LONG CS'S he did his WAR af1 and half of his War af2(Boots) so we both went to CastleO­. to finis hhis AF2 and my AF2 at same time. Only miss the Eldieme Coffer to refinish PLD Af and store my set.

Then i went for a 1h Skill up in Kuftal with Killboi Got club from 153-160 and got the Kuftal Coffer key (for SAM Af hands :P)

Then it was the luck time. LS wanted to dO omega for limbus but we had to wish that Saphyre logs, because she had the chips. So we gather for limbus and POP saphyre appears, of course i was happy because we entered at midnight, if it was a chip run i wouldn't be able to do it since it's 1h + easily.

So we Gather for Omega and go in the run.

We only had 3melee's for when omega is on 2 legs wich is ME(mnk) galdarius (SAM) and Mrfamous (BLU).

My ls is a good one but a bit chicken :P, so we kitted 4 legs and BLM nukes it and straight tank + melee DMG on 2 legs.

We had some problems for the gunpods due to BLM not nuking it, but we still got the win easily


Who got what!!!!

Yup i got the Homam legs. I did wanted to have the Hands but since ls rule is we can't have 2 drops on same run exept when no one needs any is on. only me and Mrf could've lot them.

Evaddaragon didn't wanted any so he let them to me and mrf. Since Mrf already got LEgs and feet he had to take the hands, and i took the legs wich is still nice

Now here is a little update of my PLD



HP gear

Now before i finish this update i'll tell you a little secret (oh you my magnific 2 readers) HAHAH Jk well i hope

I asked jokly Vedder to Leech homam from his Run and he said no of course.

I know that Inside Vedder trying to get ubber gear to piss me off (hahah :P <3 vedd lol)

So he did an omega and owned it but he got 2 Homam Heads only.

So i sended him a PM on FFXI tellingf him i got legs and he says he hates me!!!


Hehe jk vedder your hawt for a hume :D

Fri, Aug. 17th, 2007, 12:10 am
Thursday August 16

Well Started with a small XP PT, Gimp PT but still got SAM to 41 so i'm pretty happy ^^

Then we went to Dynamis San D'oria, but LS veritas Gathered and Xero decided to move To jeuno. A lot were Sad but not me, because i missed the MNK hands from jeuno wich is the last City piece Missing for MNK.

Here is what we got as Drops

That is an awsome Drop rate seriously OH OH and we got 2 Hundred Byne bill too :D

So just for the luck



Wed, Aug. 15th, 2007, 11:05 pm
Wednesday August 15th

Didn't played the 14 :O

Heard about drama, but no comment Kthxbye.

August 15 SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went To sky at 7PM EST

from 7PMEST to 9PM EST we farmed, Faust,Mother Globe, Steam Cleaner, Despot.

Then we Went to Byakko : fucking smooth fight, no deaths at all.

This is what Byakko Dropped and...

ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!

Now up to Suzaku wich was an event more smoother fight (lasted 3-4min max)

Suzaku dropped that and.........

So was an awsome night, and after hurrying to Boyadha tree because i found Cursed Haidate for 550k off Fayte



Tue, Aug. 14th, 2007, 08:06 am
August 13

Well started by trying to get my sam to 39, but didn't work well.

Took me 1h45 to put the pt together and go to camp, when we arrived there was time for me to leaveto dynamis so got me a replace .-.-

Dynamis-Beaucedine :

Deru dc/ed so much during Dynamis due to his new ISP that i got elected puller for ther run. I was pretty happy to finally show what i can do. I pulled perfectly for this farming run and missed 2 Time ext in the hydras zone that we stayed there from 8h30 EST to 11h23 EST.

Also we got this

Vedder was pretty mad when he heard that, because i know his ls ggot problems getting af2 in that zone lol.

Tomorrow XP because i don't have an event to do

Mon, Aug. 13th, 2007, 12:06 pm

Weekend, result in 1 word XP.

Friday i did Buff on my PLD with knightrunner, we were 2 PLD in the same pt lol, KR tanked i DD'ed. Went from 8k in lv to 32k in lv Great pt ^^

Saturday : SAmurai XP all Day long lol from 11AM-2PM i passed SAmurai from 30-34 in 1 single PT in the desert.

Was able to reset my PLD af quest (yay) and finished the day with SAM35

Sunday Sam again lol : Did a PT with Clan Destine member Kristaru(WHM),Maera(BLM),LExia and whilem(SP(NIN)) and sanosakoe(SP) THF

did 35-37 with that PT and finished my 38 in a PT in Garlaige Citadel.

Then was time for SEA.

Bad sea night due to bad luck on pops

got IX'drk, IX'drg,IX'MNK, Fortitude and Temperence, and finished with Justice.

Normally in 1 Night we can do all Tier 1 and 2 in sea, and the worse thing, in that pops we got 0 torques and 0 capes . :(

/sigh anyway Monday 2 XP band so i'll get SAM 39 then Dynamis-Beaucedine again ...

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